The Feldenkrais Association of Belgium

The professional association of Feldenkrais practitioners in Belgium

Using a lighthearted, self-directed and body-based approach to learning, the Feldenkrais Method offers benefits to a wide range of people: children, adults and senior citizens can all learn to improve their functioning – from people with pain from an accident or chronic physical or neurological problem, to those who have no pressing physical problems but would like to improve athletic, musical, theatrical or other skills.

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“What a pleasure to be able to choose my own pace!”

"I’m in therapy – since the lessons I am progressing faster.”

“I don’t have any stress anymore and I now have recuperative sleep.” Paulette, 82 jaar

“I had so much back pain! My doctor recommended that I try Feldenkrais. After one session the pain was gone.”

“My guitar playing has improved and I can now do things that I couldn’t do before.”

“In spite of the problem with my spine, it has helped me to function well.”