The benefits of the Feldenkrais Method are myriad:

Muscular tension reduces, the basic tone of the muscles becomes more uniform, the breathing deeper. A new mobility and greater flexibility, physical as well as mental, become possible. One’s thoughts become clearer, relationships easier, more effective and more dynamic, and one’s actions are better suited to each new situation. Self-confidence grows and a feeling of well-being happens. Physical movements are better divided over the whole skeleton, which reduces ineffective effort and increases the kinesthetic sensitivity. That sensitivity is the prerequisite for every form of spontaneous action.

An incomplete list of the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method:

  • more freedom in the breath
  • self-development and wellness
  • stress relief
  • less tension, fatigue and pain
  • increased joy in life
  • better coordination of intention and action
  • increased creativity
  • reduction of “parasitic movement” (that is, movement that overtaxes the system)
  • increased self-reliance
  • an increased capacity to listen to yourself and your own needs
  • more trust in your own experience
  • more effective and harmonious way of functioning in general
  • discovery of surprising abilities that you didn’t know you had

The Feldenkrais Method cannot replace medical treatment, but can teach you how to move better and with less pain. Pain represents a sign that the order in the system is disturbed, and should be addressed appropriately.